My favorite MU-products

by lilumoen

Here is some of my favorite Make-up products at the moment;


Face brush w/ natural hair from Make-up Studio – Super soft, non-shedding, and it stays in shape.

Blush from Maccosmetics – has a sweet pink shade, perfect for summer!

Bronzing Powder from Maccosmetics – I am in love with this matte powder, perfect for my daily make-up regime; contouring.

Eyeliner from Make-up Studio – in love! I’ve used this eyeliner since 2009, enough said.

Foundation from BareMinerals in Matte. My number one must-have. Can’t go a day without my beloved Matte. When this foundation first came out on the market, I was wearing this tee while working, with the words “Fall in love with Matte” printed on my back. Well, I guess I did! 💞🙊


My favorite Lipstick of all time;
Maccosmetics color – MYTH. I have also used this nude-colored lipstick since 2009. Faithful, faithful, faithful – wherever I go, my lipstick will follow. 😍 I wear it alone or I mix it with other lipsticks!

The second lipstick is pretty new, I haven’t had the time to mix and play with it yet, but I absolutely love the color! From Maccosmetics with the color “up the amp”.

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